Latest News on Covid 19 Cancellation Policy

We are lucky in that BullerRoo has many features that naturally make things a lot safer than others in the current environment. These include:

Illness due to Covid-19.

We strongly suggest to consider purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance may provide coverage for illness due to Covid-19 should you be diagnosed and prevented from travel. As we will not reschedule nor give a refund in these circumstances.

Government Lockdown.

In these uncertain times of snap lockdowns and hotspot outbreaks we would like to give you the peace of mind by booking directly with us that a full refund will be given for any Covid related lockdowns (not self-isolation due to illness) and no service fee will be deducted. Compare with other booking platforms like Airbnb where we are not in total control over your money and their Covid policies which may result in loosing your service fee.


In addition to the above, to ensure your safety and peace of mind, we are also committed to:

We also ask that our guests: